standing seam residential metal roof installation

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A roofing contractor installed my four sided roof on a 1960's built home. On two sides he installed the panel in full lengths. On the other two sides he used pieces to run the lengths. On the side where the electric riser goes through the roof, he used several short pieces to go around the riser. I have looked at too many residential and commercial metal roofs and none of them are pieced except at transition points. My question is am I being short changed on the method it was installed or are there industry standards. The contractor left with several full sheets on his trailer.
Guest User
Id say that the contractor jacked you for money and used spare steel laying around to put together your roof being full length sheets might be more useful on another job. If you would like better information email [email protected]
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This does not sound like a proper installation. Feel free to email photos to me if you wish. [email protected] I also suggest contacting the manufacturer of the roofing.
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