Need to lay Underlayment Parallel to Gable

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I am building a shop that is 48' wide with a 4:12 pitch. It has purlins spaced 16" OC with 7/16 OSB sheathing. I know I need to screw into the purlins for strength. What I don't know is if I absolutely must lay the felt underlayment parallel to the eave. It would be easier to find purlins to screw into if I laid the felt parallel to the gable (and thus the metal roof panels) because I can then easily find the purlins adjacent to the panel. (This assumes, of course, that I lay felt only as a I also lay a roof panel.) The question: if I overlap the felt six inches all the way to the ridge, am I not okay to lay the felt parallel to the gable? Thanks, sincerely.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
This would be against both manufacturer instructions and building codes.
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