Severe Hail effects on Standing Seam

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I am currently working against an insurance company that said a s.s. roof has no damage. Yet the entire region was pounded with 2-4 inch hail. The entire roof is damaged you could imagine. It is 4 stories up so it hard to see. I realize that I only appears to be cosmetic. Once a severe dent or bend occurs in a metal roof the paint in that area or galvalume coating will crack and expose the core. Water will hold in these areas and even seep under the paint creating moisture pockets. Ultimately this will rust at an alarming rate and the life span of the panel is more than cut in half. To claim that it is just cosmetic is unfair in many ways. Am I wrong?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would not say that the progress you describe is always the case. Have you had the manufacturer of the roofing give an opinion? Generally insurance companies will consider indentations to be cosmetic damage only.
Guest User
Thank you for the response Tom. And no I have not spoken with the manufacturer sense they don't know who it is. There is probaly around 100 to 200 hail dents per square.
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