Tim Werner
I have a galvalume roof (standing seam) with a greater pitch decreasing to a lesser pitch below (Z-channel between). It had multiple leaks last spring when the snow melted. The roof was less than a year old, so I am very dissapointed. Should I have expected this roof to not hold up in northern Michigan? Shouldn't an ice & snow type of membrane kept the melt water out?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
Peel and stick membranes work very well at keeping water out if they are properly installed. I would install the membrane several feet up slope from the pitch change and run it all the way to the eave of the roof. Without knowing exactl what type of roof you have, it is impossible to know what the trim detail should look like. However, the pitch change should be able to be made watertight with metal trim.
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