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Dear Madam or Sir: I have some questions regarding snow guard: · How many different types they are? Clips and rail? · The attachment, glue or metal fasteners? The glue is non-penetrating, but does it work well? good for how long? · Do you have a design guide? Depending on the distance from the ridge to eave, how many rows are required? A minimum distance from the bottom row to the edge? · If it is a rail system, what kind of metal or plastic? What is the diameter of the rail and gage? · If it is a clip system, what kind of metal or plastic? What is the thickness or gage? · Estimated costs for the different systems, labor and material. Thank you very much.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
There are many different types of snow retention systems. As for me personally, I would stay away from the glue-on type as they are totally reliant on the bond between the paint and the metal substrate. To answer all your other questions, one would need to know what type of roof you have. I would suggest that you look at S-5!'s web site. They have many different types of clamps for different roof systems. They also have an engineering program that will design the snow retention system for you. Hope this helps you.
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