Does it matter if roofer does not cut the standing seam at site?

Al Gamo
I am receiving quotes for standing seam. Some roofers don't have the cutting machine, and therefore don't cut the metal at our home site. Should this be a disadvantage over roofers that do cut on site?
Guest User
If they are a quality contractor, then you will get a quality job whether or not the panels are rolled on site. Many of the companies that support this website manufacture the panels in their plants, crate the panels and then ship them to your contractor. Most roofers start out buying factory made panels before investing in a rollformer of their own. The advantage to those of us that do it on site is convenience (no crates to handle) and less waste. Matthews Roofing
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Amen to what Wade says. Regardless of where the panels are run, having a machine that is properly maintained and calibrated is pretty important.
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