Tyler Stevermer
Hello, I'm a designer renovating a clients cabin in Lake Tahoe. The cabin has a metal roof, standing seam with an incredibly steep pitch, but as the cabin was recently purchased, we have no information about it. I'm estimating that it's around 20 years old. My client's first winter in the new cabin, the heavy snows in the mountains completely ripped the paint off the roof, leaving the metal exposed. We would like to either re-paint the roof a dark color, or do something more interesting and give the exposed metal a patina (rust or other aging techniqe) but are clueless on where to begin. The snows in the mountains are incredibly severe and I want whatever painting, coating, or aging process we do to last at least 10 years.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Thanks Tyler. I believe we covered this also when you emailed direct to me. Thanks!
Guest User
Whatever you do, get away from traditional coatings with acrylic latex technology: over the counter coatings recommended by local paint stores are great solutions to stick to a variety of metals but they never take into account the porosity of the coating and ultimately the ability for snow and ice to freeze and thaw and ultimately freeze within the coating and sheer off the finish when the weight becomes too excessive. Additionally, most over the counter coatings do not take into effect the harsh UV degradation associated with metal roofs.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Thank you
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