metal capping to replace tile?

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3 story brick residential building with flat roof surrounded by raised 16" brick perimeter wall that is capped with shaped, but fragile and now cracked, tile. I want to replace the easy to break tile with a sturd, weatherproof, and shaped metal rather than flat metal capping. where do I find the product and contractor in the 11224 zip code? lastly, the job is only 60' X 20' of capping on the 16" perimeter wall of the roof, but there is an air stack at the center of the building that will need to be capped as well. THIS IS NOT A ROOF REPLACEMENT. I already have a new flat rubber roof, and just want to make a quality replacement of the capping. thanks
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Through the Metal Roofing Styles section of this website, you can link to several manufacturers of metal tile profile roofing panels. If you contact those manufacturers, they can discuss with you the appropriateness of their products for your application as well as the availability of product and installers on Long island. Additionally, another option would be to use a more conventional sheet metal coping cap for these areas though that would mean you'd be giving up the tile edging look.
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