Metal Dormers in heavy snow

Marc Grossetete
For a house in Island Park ID, fairly heavy snow, local builders tell me metal roofing on a dormer will get beat up by the snow, in the valleys, and with icing on the eaves, etc and will require constant repairs, and may leak, even with a "cold roof". They recomend against dormers, but if I must, they suggest shingles. I live in central OR, less snow, the fellow who designed my plans insists a properly ventilated metal roof will have no problems at all, that houses in heavy snow ski towns accross the west have metal roofing and dormers with no problems. Can you tell me who is right? Thank you, Marc Grossetete.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
When I went to trade school to write my master carpenter papers I had a great teacher from Holland and his favourite saying was that in construction there are "Carpenters" and "Carpainters". Make sure you are a Carpenter. Absolutely beyond a doubt metal roofing is better. There are many options so choose a system you like and get the details from the manufactuirer. Many people install metal sheets from the local box store without proper attention to detail. Get the proper instructions and do it right the first time and your metal roof will provide you with years of trouble free service. Use our request a contractorto locate a metal roofing contractor in your area. Choose a system and the contractor and don't be afraid to ask for a couple of referances to check out on similar type installations that he has completed and don't be afraid to talk to the owners. Good luck.
Guest User
I have a steel Gerard roof installed by Horn Brothers that leaks after about every snow storm. Snow blows under the shingles between the small seams where the shingles overlap front to back. The snow melts, runs down the tar paper and comes in openings like skylights, vents etc. I would never buy another steel roof again.
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