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I have a standing-seam metal roof installed in 1993 (near Seattle). Part of the eaves are wet/damp right where the roof meets the exterior wall (the eaves are unpainted). It looks to me like the roof underside is probably damp behind the wall, too. I first noticed this after a big snow in December when 8 inches of snow sat on the roof for a week (we usually get only rain). Over the course of several days, the dampness crept out from the wall line till the eaves were totally damp (not dripping). Most of that dried out after the snow went away, but I still have dampness at the wall line in places, and from the water-stained look of the eaves, this may have been going on for years. The siding appears dry except for one small patch next to a support beam for the eaves. There are no visible signs of leaks inside the house--there's no attic space--the interior ceiling is a foot or so below the rooftop. The slope is medium--between A-frame and flat, maybe 30 degrees? (sorry, I don't know how to determine the pitch). There's some douglas-fir needle and moss buildup on roof--though the side with the least debris seems to have the most eave dampness, and the part of the roof under an overhanging doug-fir has the least apparent problems. The roof also has 3 skylights and a woodstove chimney near the center. Some of the eave dampness is roughly downslope of parts of the skylights/chimney, but there's dampness other places in the eaves, too. Is the roof failing? Is it a ventilation issue? Is the debris on the roof causing/contributing to the wet eaves? Are poor seals around the skylights or chimney the culprit? Possibly all of the above? I appreciate any advice or speculation you can give me. Thank you!
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Would you be able to email some pictures to me? I'd say this probably is a condensation issue but I would not rule out perhaps a ridge or other flashing issue. My email is [email protected]
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