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Need to replace asphalt shingle roof. Would like to look into metal for additional protection during hurricanes. Standing seam would look best but I am getting conflicting reports on whether Galvalume standing seam would hold up 300 ft from the ocean. Some have told me yes, others told me it would be rusted in 5 years. Warranty on Galvalume seems to be void as they carve out "salt spray areas" which might stretch to my place. Also, have not gotten clear answers on whether or not painted galvalume would be better than the clear. Please help, I have talked to more than 10 roofers. Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Galvalume has a very good coastal performance record. I believe that painted product will generally last longer than unpainted. I would suggest finding a manufacturer of products that you like and then contacting them for addresses of older installations in your area. Remember, too, that non ferrous metal products such as aluminum and copper are available.
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