Overlapping of standing seam panels

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Hi, I had 12 inch wide metal panels with a 1.5 inch raised seam that clicks together installed on my newly constructed house this summer. My roof has a 13 panel wide section that has a 54 foot straight run. The maximum length panels that they could get to the site was about 30 feet long, so they needed to overlap the 13 runs. All the seams are in a line and as the weather cooled gaps have opened up. The roofer says that he has since fixed it by forcing a rubber compound into all the gaps and it will now last for 50 years with no trouble. Did the roofer overlap the panels correctly? Should I be satisfied with what he has done? If not what is the correct fix?
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Peter, Unfortunately, on overlapped panels you do have to use a butyl sealant. The thing I see that is lacking is there are no lap(stitch) screws between the ribs. On this type of installation they are needed where the panels overlap to keep them from gaping open. [email protected]
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Wade.
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