flashings and sealing them

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Should I have to seal around flashings every two to three years? Since this metal roof was put on one year ago, the water damage from leaks has been in the thousands of dollars. It is a simple hip roof so nothing is complicated about the install. I will be probably be taking this roof off because my insurance company will not insure me as long as I have a metal roof. I am very disappointed in metal roofs and the manufacturers who don't stand behind thier products. The fifteen thousand dollars lost on this roofis something I can't afford plus I still have to replace it.
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This roof is new work, ice barrier applied two widths wide all around the house plus two layers of 30# felt for noise suppresion.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am very sorry to hear about your situation. It is very upsetting and frustrating. You should not have to re-seal the flashings with that sort of regularity. Properly installed and designed flashings, in fact, will have minimum dependence on sealants though sealants might still be used. I am a little curious whether part of the issue might be related to inadequate ventilation and resulting condensation. It is asking a lot of a double layer felt to expect it to provide sound suppression. That makes me wonder a bit if perhaps this building isn't some sort of open rafter, cathedral style, or SIP installation. If it is, building codes require a ventilated airspace in cathedral ceilings to prevent moisture buildup. Additionally, a vapor barrier on the bottom of the ceilings can be helpful in preventing moisture transfer. However, you still point to the flashings as the smoking gun so I have digressed a bit. Sorry. I am very shocked to hear that the manufacturer has not been helpful. Ultimately, it is easy to understand that the manufacturer cannot be liable for practices of a local installer. However, just the same, they should be helpfuul in this case by providing assistance with troubleshooting and determination. If you'd like to email me direct with further project details and photos, I will gladly help as best I can. My email is [email protected] Again, I am very sorry to hear about this.
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