leaking from 2:12 low pitch roof

gary granneman
Have a double wide on basement, roof is 10 years old and is leaking after 11" rain, now with lighter rains, also leaks. Can't really see where this is coming from. Membrane was applied to roof edges. The old shingles are 3tab. Roofers say that they can place a roof ontop with architectual shingles and they thought it would be fine. After looking at various sites on internet, I'm not so sure what to do.. Do we apply a new roof on top and put tar over area of leakage before roofing, or do we take off and put new on. What should we do. We would like to be able to get more than 10 years from roofing.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
I really cannot make this suggestion sight unseen but your best result would be rmeoval and replacement. Are you considering a metal roof?
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