Michael Maust
I have a client that wants a specific finish for a metal roof. They want a finish that is shiny like a door knob or faucet and is gold in color. Also the panels will be installed on a dome shaped roof. Must be standing seam type roof.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You can get most qualities of paint in any colour and in any gloss level. There is however a price to pay for anything that is not standard. Quantity also has a part to play as they must coat at least 10,000 lbs of steel at a time. I would start to find a manufacturer of Standing Seam panels and ask it the curve it as well. Go the www.moderntrade.com web site and check out their advertisers to find one or go the ATAS International one of our members and past president who can help you. Then check out their colour offering. Typically they can go to a supply house for coil to get your colour or have one coated on the back of another colour so they can use up the extra. Hope this helps.
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