is there a sign advanatge 26 gauge over 24 gauge

Jenny Reynolds
1st question: given hail in the region and the higher metal density isn'y it better to usee 24 gauge than 26 gauge. 2nd question: also what is the best standing seam with a 1/2" crimp for a 3:12 pitch. I have always taken off the shingles on the existing roof - isn't this a mandiate for a roff that has a 3:12 pitch? 3rd question: What size panel is best used on a 3:12 pitch roof? 4th question: Should an insulation be used on a 3:12 pitch?
Guest User
Jenny, 24 gauge metal is heavier and therefore more impact resistant, but both are still considered Class 4. 6 or 7 years ago we had a softball sized hail storm in Decatur, TX. We had just finished a 24 gauge standing seam on a new Pizza Hut and had roofed an automotive parts place with 26 gauge R-panel. The hail that hit the parts store roof knocked slits in the roof a few inches long and water poured in. The hail that hit the Pizza Hut made a few dents and you have to look hard to see them. A person that doesn't know what they are looking for doesn't see them, they are minor. I believe that most all standing seams are rated for a 3:12 pitch or greater. It comes down to what you want. [email protected]
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks Wade.
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