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I built a garage with a metal roof on it. It is over 2x6 perlins with a foil/bubble/foil between the metal roof and the 2x6 perlins. I also used foam seals under the metal between the flashing at the eve and the ridge cap as well as the gambrel flashing. The inside of the 2x6 perlins has fiberglass insulation stapled to the underside of the perlins. My problem is condension between the double bubble foil and the metal. The foam closure strips keep air from flowing under the metal (between the double bubble and metal). Did I make a mistake by putting the foam closure strips in?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
Condensation is caused by warm moist air coming into contact with a surface that is below the dew point. Have you taped the joints of the foil insulation? The key is to keep the moist air from getting to the metal.
Mike Cardinale
Yes the joints are taped both inside and out. The sheets were also 10 feet wide so there are less joints in the first place. This garage is only heated when it's in use. Maybe a couple days a week. The condensation will be there even when there is no heat. It is worse on the north side and on the upper most part of the gambrell roof when there is snow laying on it. I'm thinking about removeing the foam seals that I put in at the eve, the gambrell break as well as the ones in the cap. All the reading I did befor I built this garage seem to indicate the use of the seals. If I take them out I can get more air between the metal and the double bubble. I'm just worried about rain, snow, bugs getting in when the seals are removed.
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