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The supplier we bought our roof from said that the manufacturer has gone bankrupt. They tell us that we have a Duraclad metal roof, but our invoices show a Tuffclad musket gray 48X120 *40*. The supplier never gave us the warranty info and now we cant seem to get any information. The roof was installed Feb 1999 and has cracked, peeling paint and rust spots all over it. The supplier has offered to have the roof sand blasted and repainted, but we bought the roof for the long lasting warranty. What do you reccommend? Attached are pictures of the roof damages
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am very sorry but my guess is that this was produced from "secondary" metal, meaning metal that was rejected at some point for quality purposes but then sold back out as "seconds". MRA member manufacturers agree to not produce product from this type of metal. I hate to say this but my gut feeling is you could clean this up and repaint and it will just do the exact same thing again. You would realistically need to have lab analysis done to say that with certainty but it is my gut feeling based upon years of experience. Have you done research to find out who this "bankrupt manufacturer" is? Are they talking about the manufacturer of the painted metal or of the roofing? Someone may be trying to disguise the fact that metal which was "secondary" was unscrupulously sold by someone as being "prime" product. Again, I am only guessing here but I have seen this exact situation before and what I have described here was the case. I am sorry. I can only urge people to buy from an MRA member manufacturer or someone who is producing product under the MCA Certified Metal Roofing program.
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