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First, excuse me for the lengthly question.....I am putting new metal roofing over my old corrugated roof. The present roof is still in good shape, but I just put new siding on so looking to upgrade. I am looking to put my new roof over my old because this will be a two man job so I don't want to have the old roof off for a week or so. My roof trussees are 3'oc and thinking of using purlins. What size purlins should I use and what should I secure them with??? What way should I run them? I was thinking a way to get ventilation to roof vent. Should the purlins be treated?? Any barrier between old roof and new??? Thanks you for you time.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Due to different expansion and contraction rates and things going on, I would advise against this. Bring it up with the manufacturer of your new roofing and see what they say.
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