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I have a 2 bedroom house that has 2X4 rafters on 24" center. Yes I know that is totally wrong! My roof has 3 gables and 2 valleys. As of now I have a leak in a valley and there are 2 layers of singles already on the roof. Where that leak is the decking is already began to rot and believe that there are some other places that the decking is not good. The decking looks like it is 1/2" wafferboard and if you look at the roof from a distance you can see that the decking is wavey. I have been told that I should rip off all the singles and repair the rotten decking and add some ridge backs to make the rafters more sturdy. After that I could then begin to place my metal roofing on the deck. What do you think? Is there any way to beef up my rafters without tearing off the whole roof to the plate line and starting over from stratch like one contractor suggested.
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ALK, You have been given some sound advice. Even though a metal roof weighs around a pound per square foot, you already have 4.5 pounds to 5 pounds (depending on the type of shingles) per square foot on your roof already. That's a lot of weight. Wade
Todd Miller
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Wade's advice is sound.
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