Should the membrane go over or under drip edge

Guest User
I'm putting Grace Water & Ice Shield under my standing seem metal roof. Should the drip edge go over or under the membrane. Seems to me if water gets under the roof onto the membrane you'd want it to run over the drip edge not under it. Thanks. Martin
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Always follow manufacturer instructions. I like having the underlayment behind the drip to help protect the edge of the roof deck.
Guest User
You would want to run your underlayment over the drip edge. If you run it under you open the possibility of condensation running between the underlayment and the drip edge cuasing your plywood to eventually root.
Brian Selig
Architectural Building Components Metal Roof and Wall Panels
There are good points to both thoughts. I have seen underlayment topped by edge trim with a strip lapped over the edge trim. I guess that is how the paranoid do it. If there is a leak or condensation, I want it to flow over the edge trim (not under it). I would love to hear a good reason to allow it to run under.
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