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Our home as a standing seam roof, unpainted that was installed about 13 years ago. The roof looks great except for a spot about 36" square that is rusted. The rust spot is a seperate piece. What is the best thing to do for this rust spot? 2nd question: We are in the process of adding insulation to our attic. We have no attic fan but do have ventilation around the edges (I'm sure there is a technical term, sorry). Do we need additional ventilation?
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
You do not say what type of standing seam roof you have. If possible, it would be best to replace this panel. How difficult that would be depends upon the type of roof you have. You could brush the rust off and cover with a cold galvanizing spray, available at most welding supply stores. This would only be a temporary solution and if the area can be seen, the repair would be obvious. You should talk to a local metal roofing contractor, hopefully one that is an MRA member, to see if the rusted panel can be replaced. Keep in mind, the new panel will have more sheen and will also be noticable if it is visible. To properly vent an attic, you need air intake and air exhaust. The most efficient attic venting involves continuous soffit vents and continuous ridge vents. This allows most all of the underside of the roof deck to benefit from fresh, cooler air. Attic fans will remove heat but they will draw air directly from the soffit vents to the fan, bathing only a small protion of the roof deck with fresh air. There are a number of vented ridge details that will work on most any standing seam roof.
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The roof is one of those tin looking ones. If you go in the attic, you can see daylight around the edges. Also, when in the attic, you can see the actual roof. The edges are the only ventilation. Is this sufficent? Sorry I don't know technical terms. Thanks, Pam
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