29 gauge over 2 layers asphalt?

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i am having a metal roof put on. the city inspector happened by and said that code says "no more than 2 layers" because of load capacity... he did tell me, however, that i could appeal this if i could present reasonable info. to an appeals board. my home is an "A-Frame" style home, with a very steep pitch, you literally cannot walk on the existing shingles, you will slide off. i also know that the metal will not carry the same load of rain (will not absorb)or snow/ice (will melt off) as do asphalt roofs. i suspect the purpose of the code is that a great majority of the roofs in this area are composite asphalt shingles. another obvious thing is the weight of metal....... my present roof is in good shape (flat), and is only being replaced because of some hail damage. it does not leak. can you give me any more info., or expand on the info. above that i might offer to the appeals board? they are very open to working with me, i just have to give them credible info. thanks soooo much for your opinion. derek
Todd Miller
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You want to vouch that you have no signs of a current weight problem, nor any current roof leaks. The new roof will eigh about 85 pound per square in comparison to 275+ for standard shingles. Chances are that the new roof is adding less additional weight than what your current roofs have lost due to oil evaporation and granule loss. That info is usually helpful. Additionally, of course, going over the old roof adds thermal mass which helps with energy efficiency and avoids disposing of old roofing materials in a landfill.
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