Venting your roof through the ridge cap

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Hello, I am re-roofing my house with 1' locking metal over the 10 yr old 3 tab roof. I ran across the problem as how to vent the new roof. Do I use the old square ridge vents that where on it or use the new ridge cap venting symtems that run the length of the ridge? I talked to a local contractor and he conviced me it makes more sense to use the ridge cap venting system and to run my bathrrom vents out the sofett. This would eliminate cutting all those holes for potential leaks (putting in the 10-12 sqare ridge vents back in). How do you feel about the new ridge cap venting systems? Do you also feel it is the best way to go?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Ask the manufacturer for their recommendations. The code calls for 1 sf ft of ventilation for every 150 sf of ceiling area and 50% must be provided at the ridge. Ridge venting is the most effective. Do the calculations. Plumbing stacks need to vent above the roof to dispurse the odours.
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