transition from shingle and w pan metal

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I am adding a small bathroom addition from the rear of my home with a shed type roof configuration...extending just 6 feet beyond my shingled roof eave and across the last 10 feet along the back of my home. My problem is that this "roof area" of the addition must adjoin not only the shingled roof from the eave, but as well a metal w pan roof along it's side that is over an adjacent screened porch. And the slope on the w pan roof is very slight...and I feel I need to follow this same slope with the adjacent new roof somehow connect the new metal roof with the w pan...and not necessarily another w pan style. What would be the best way to make the transition from both the w pan on the side and the shingled main roof at the top where the addition protrudes from the main building?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is really too complex to try to answer in this forum. My top advice is to have an experienced metal roof guy do the work or at the very least connect with the manufacturer of the roofing you're installing and get their input. Some sort of transition flashing will have to be custom-made both places. Always remember water runs downhill. Also, keep in mind that not all metal roof panels will work on very low slopes. You must make sure that you choose a panel which is appropriate for what you're doing.
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