Tracy Bakic
I work at a historic railroad property with several building that historically had seamed metal roofing. We are presently figuring out the appropriate color to coat new roofing that will go over the building based on the historic. As it exists the historic metal is very much oxidized at the exterior sides and really there are no coating remains to be viewed. Historic railroad documentation that we have states that this railroad painted metal roofs in a red color. The interior/back side of the existing metal is has a reddish/orangish coating. As I found in an article on-line - present(?) practice would be to apply a primer to both sides and then the back side would get a base coat. Does this relate to historic practice as well - the roofing that I am interested in would have been applied in the mid-1920s. Would the base coat have possibly been the same color at the top coat on the exterior side or would it be different and, therefore, possibly a different color? Thank you, Tracy Bakic Preservation Planner Coastal Heritage Society Savannah, GA
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
The company or the product is called Cal-bar coatings. Should be able to look it up on the internet. They have been making the original paints for metal roofs and should be able to help you out. Tell them the MRA sent you.
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