Standing seam roof over existing roof

Nicole Dawson
Hello, We are considering replacing our current 11 year old shingle roof with a standing seam (mechanically seamed)metal roof due to repeated ice damming issues & leaking in our home. (We are adding ventilation in the attic to help with the ice damming as well. Insulation is good.) Other than the ice damming issues, the current shingles are in good condition. What are the pros/cons of installing a standing seam roof over our current shingle roof? Which way would provide the best/most effective water tight barrier? Could ice & water shield or a heavier product be put over our current shingles under the metal, or does a product like that have to go on the decking? Are any standing seam roofs ever installed over a raised batton system (or is that just seen with stone covered steal type roofs)? If so, could a batton system be put over current shingle roof? Thanks, Nicole
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You are on the right track and are asking the right questions. You need to consider good insulation and most important good ventilation. Ask to see the product approval on the products which will indicate if they are approved for roofing over existing shingles. I know that the stone coated systems are approved for battens over shingles. Make sure they use a vertical counter batten and vent the air space as this goes a long way to reducing moisture in the cavity and will save you energy winter and summer.
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