Standing Seam Metal Topped With Wood For Roof Deck

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We are planning new construction and want a roof terrace over a ground floor bedroom. Our climate has daily temperature extremes; for example, variations of 70 - 110 degrees in summer and 0 - 60 degrees in winter. We have heavy monsoon rains in summer, and frost and ice in winter. We have seen a "flat" roof (roof with least required pitch) installed on a condo roof terrace here that was covered with all standing seam metal roofing with manufactured composite wood planks installed on top of the standing seams. We would like to install this standing seam metal topped by wood as our roof terrace floor. Given our climate, do you recommend this type of installation? What pitfalls should we avoid? Are there special constraints or requirements we need to incorporate? Any information and suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
This is a techinaclly shallenging question. I would go to tyhe member maufactures section of our web site and contact thois that do this type of roofing. ATAS comes first to mind.
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