standing seam vs PBR with long life ZAC'

Ross Greer
What is the adv or disadvantage of Standing seam over the PBR and what would the warranty difference be?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Standing seam systems have concealed fasteners and usually have allowance for expansion and contraction of the metal. This contrasts with a through-fastened panel like PBR.
Guest User
I live in a large townhouse complex that has many barrel topped units, approximately 14-16 feet wide. The roofs are currently covered in what looks like a metalized material layed lengthwise versus crossing the barrel. Two questions: Would you recommend standing seam at all, and if so layed lengthwise, with seams parallel running the length of the roof, or across the barrel arch. Tha later would require a cosistent variable flex across each panel, thwile the former would only have to flex across its section. Do you have a recommendation of a particular brand and should we be consulting a commercial versus residential vendor/contractor? That's more than two questions, but thanks for any help you can provide. Thom Ennen 1326 4th Street SW Washington DC 20024 407-474-8211
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Standing seam would need to go across the arch which means you need a curved panel. MRA member manufacturers you may wish to contact include ATAS International and Fabral.
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