Decra-stone coated steel roofing - installation question

Guest User
My question - the installer tells me this should be installed over the regular shingles that are on my roof now - "that they are all installed on top of the old roofing"" I am looking for an expert opinion on this before i begin the contract. Also any comments on the Decra product?? I have a very steep roof..
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Many metal roof installations occur over existing shingles. If you have questions, check with the roofing manufacturer and your local building inspector. Decra is not a member of The Metal Roofing Alliance. I would always encourage people to look to our members as, part of their membership, they are agreeing to abide by certain product quality standards which you may or may not see with a non-member manufacturer. That said, I know the guys at Decra ... they are good people ... a long-standing company ... and I wish they were a member of our organization.
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