Foil bubble v. vinyl/glass insulation

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I'm replacing some fiberouse type panel by putting metal panels on a utility building (not heated) over existing horizontal 1x4's (2 ft OC). Panels would be either standing seam or 3' exposed screw. I know I can "sandwich" a typical spun-glass insulation between the panels and the decking, with the vinyl side down to prevent condensation. But I have seen a thinner foil faced bubble insulation used and wonder if that will work as well since it seems to avoid the lumpyness and would be a lot easier to install, I imagine. Will that prevent condensation or is it just a "radiant" barrier or both? Also if I decided to put plywood down instead and use a regular underlayment under the steel panels, is that enough insulation to prevent the inside condensating? Dick
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Condensation occurs when warm moist air hits a cool surface. Generally, in a storage shed, you do not have sources of excessive heat or moisture and often you have good ventilation in the structure. You may wish to consider a vapor barrier, plywood, and an appropriate underlayment as one of the easiest things you could do for this particular type of application.
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