standing seam vs snap on seamless

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Im having a metal roof installed and im wondering which panel would be best. I've narrowed down the choices to a standing seam 1.5 high with no exposed fasteners that is machine sealed and/or a standing seamless with no exposed fasteners that is is clipped/snapped on. They are both rated to 140 mph winds according to the manufacturer. Installed correctly and both being 24ga. which would you consider the sturdier system. What are the pros and cons of these two systems. Also if it matters, the house has a gabled roof with an extension towards the front entry and has a slightly slopped flat roof in the rear on a covered patio. Any input will be appreciated.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Both systems will perform very well when properly installed. Generally, the mechanically seamed ("machine sealed") panel will be used on lower pitch roofs than will be a "snap-lock" sort of panel.
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