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My 4000sf log house has a 15 yr old metal roof on 12 and 12 pitch. The roof is in very good condition but the dark brown color has faded and chalked to a ugly mocha color. Any recomendations as to a rejunenating product or complete repaint? We have heavy snow and ice during the winter and hot temps during the summer, so I am concerned about paint peeling like a bad sunburn after a couple of years:(
Todd Miller
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What you're experiencing is oxidation which will occur at different rates based upon the type of paint system and its chemistry. There are paint systems today which ar very good at resisting fade and chalk. I point this out mainly because you mentioned peeling...that is a different problem related to improper metal surface preparation, paint application or perhaps primer performance. Your roof, which has some fade and chalk, should not progress into a peeling situation. I have before seen a company out of Florida that sells a coating which supposedly helps eliminate oxidation ... I do not know whetehr it works. Your roof though can be re-painted by cleaning it with water, detergent, and tri-sodium phosphate and then applying a quality primer followed by a quality top coat, from a qualty paint source. As you see on this website, Kynar / Hylar paint technology is used on most products today and it is very good. It is expensive though and generally not available in air-dry formulation. A paint supplier to our industry or a panel manufacturer could help you obtain it in air-dry formulation if you wish but expect to pay over $200 per gallon.
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