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I have a building with a flat seam, low slope copper roof. It was not installed properly and is now exhibiting leaking problems. It seems that most, if not all, of the solder joints have failed. Is there a practical way to repair such a roof (i.e. self-adhesive membrane)? If not, what would be the most practical repair type--a new copper roof, a built-up roof, a new metal roof (other than copper) or a new membrane roof? The underlying plywood does not allow for proper anchorage, so the existing plywood will have to be removed and replaced, regardless of which repair/replacment option is selected. Thank.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Normally, copper is a very durable and flexible roofing material. I do not know a huge amount about it though. I would think that the copper could be removed and have the solder cleaned and then replace the plywood and re-install the copper. You will need an experienced copper person to do this work. You may want to consult with the Copper Development Association -- -- to see if they have any suggestions.
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