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I am planning on doing a job on an existing house where the "gable end eaves taper from about 2 feet of over hang at the top down to 1 foot at the bottom. I'm planning to use plain ribbed (charcoal gray) steel. I think the ribs are about 8" apart, so the problem lies with the cut angle of the steel going through one of the ribs about 1/2 way down the roof. I'm having trouble coming up with a good end cap to go over the cut edge that will return to the facia and still some how acommodate the rib on the roof. Get the picture or am I not explaining it well?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
I would check with the roofing manufacturer to see what they suggest for flared gables. Some panels can be folded over a flared gable end and received into a special flashing. That is optimal when you can do that. Other panels may come with a special flared gable flashing. The important thing is to not do something which cannot handle the amount of water which will be flowing into it.
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