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i am building a house using sips and have been getting a lot of conflicting advice regarding suitability of metal roofing. you suggest a 1" airspacewith sips. i plan to use 1" x 4" furring strips screwed to the sips and installed horizontally. spacing would be determined by the screw spacing suggested by the roofing manufacturer. a ridge vent and ventilated eave seal would be used. i assume the air movement would circulate via the ribs of the vertical panels. also i am using the new synthetic underlayment rather than roof felt. Is the adequate to prevent roof leakage if moisture should be trapped by the furring strips? do you have any other suggestions? thank you, roger c.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Well the building code governs with ventilation and you should strap the roof vertically first then horizontal as they require free vertical air. You will more than recovver the costs in reduced utility bills.
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