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I was wondering what the pros and cons were between metal and tiled (spanish style) roofs? Is metal cheaper and can you maintain the realism of a traditional spanish style tiled roof? Thanks a lot!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are many very nice steel tile facsimile products, and some in aluminum as well. Many of these products very realistically duplicate the beauty of Spanish tile, concrete tile, or European tile. Some of these products have painted finishes (usually Kynar/Hylar) and some have aggregate (stone) coatings. The aggregate coatings in particular have a great deal of realism because of their ability to blend multiple colors and include coordinating "flash" colors. Metal tile is as little as one-twentieth the weight of heavy tile roofs. This helps structures to last longer and, in the case of new construction, it can lessen the need for framing. The low weight also helps in the event of seismic activity and it does not pose the cave-in threat posed by real tile in the event of an interior fire. The metal tiles also feature overlaps and fastening systems which have been tested at very high wind uplifts. Many of them are approved for use in coastal areas and south Florida. Metal tile, of course, will not crack or become brittle as it ages. Unfortunately, due to our association's anti-trust guidelines, we cannot discuss pricing in this public forum. If you contact individual manufacturers and contractors, though, they can address your price questions.
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