Gwen Meeks
Is metal roofing reusable?
My husband and I are building a house in two stages, we are planning on building an earth contact home now and in 8-10 years to add a story and a half to it making it a walk out basement. Hope I haven't lost you. On the finished project I want to have a metal roof, I'm wondering if we put a metal roof on the 1st phase, earth home, if those panels can be reused on the final home? Or if the entire roof could be moved in sections? Or if we should just roof it cheaply for now and get the metal roof when we complete the house?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is hard to do with "through-fastened" products but it can work well with many of the standing seam and shingle style products which are installed using concealed fastening clips. The move would be done on a panel by panel basis though and could not be done in sections of any sort unfortunately.
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