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Dear Sir: I need to know of a good quality standing seam type metal roof with hidden fasteners. Appearance not important as it's not visible. Aluminum a plus as it's near the ocean and we don't want it to rust. Doesn't need to be any fancy pre-finished colors. A "chevy" will work. We don't need the "Cadillac". Thanks for any help you can provide. Best Regards, E.J. Sandquist E.J.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks for considering metal. As an association of competing metal roofing manufacturers, we cannot recommend one product over another per se. However, my company has a couple of documents which, in a generic way, put forth things to think about when investigating metal roofing -- what to look for as far as finishes, metals, design, fastening, installation, etc. If you email to me at [email protected], I can email these documents to you. Also, I believe that the following MRA manufacturers produce aluminum standing seam: ATAS International, Classic Products, Peterson Aluminum, Fabral, and Custom-Bilt. There may be others I am not thinking of right off hand.
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