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My farmer neighbor is thinking of painting his Standing seam farmhouse & other Shed roofs using a Airless Sprayer. Some ???? Is this a good way to put the paint on? What brand to use? How to prep the Mwtal, and take care of some rust? What Paint to use? The roof color is white. Thanks for your help. Mel
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The roof should be cleaned first, either by pressure washing or with a solution of detergent and trisodium phosphate. Rusted areas should be cleaned and treated with a rust inhibitor. There are various patches available for holes that might be rusted through. As far as paint, go to a quality paint store and obtain the primer and top coat they suggest for this project. The airless sprayer should work ... depending upon the roof profile, you could then follow up by rolling on the paint if it doesn't dry too fast but spraying alone is common. There are more costly ways to do this, in particular there are air-dry Kynar paints available for fade and chalk resistance but they run about $250 per gallon. A metal roofing manufacturer could help your neighbor obtain them though.
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