treated or nontreated wood for battens

Marilyn Cook
treated wood?
My husband and I are getting ready to put a metal roof on our doublewide mobile home. We have recently been told that using pressure treated 1x4's for the batting may cause the metal roofing to fade in color. Do you recommend treated or untreated wood? Thanks, Marilyn
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
First of all, most residential metal roof products require solid decking (such as plywood) covered by underlayment. If you proceed with an installation over lathe boards, please make sure it is acceptable to the manufacturer of the roofing. Please also make sure that you have positive ventilation with adequate intake at the bottom and exhaust at the top. I want to make sure you do not end up with a moisture and condensation problem. Next, look for a quality fade resistant paint finish such as a Kynar coating. With cheaper finishes, there is greater risk of fade over the entire surface and it could be even a little greater yet over the lathe but this is not generally a big problem. Generally, untreated lumber is best. Treated lumber can have salts and chemicals in it which will attack the back side of the metal roofing.
Guest User
First let me give you the senerio. Older mobile home double wide, slightly pitched roof. Put a new metal roof over the old roof give it a higher pitch but put 1x2 trusses up, insulation between the trusses, the old tin off the old roof and then the new metal roofing over that. Was this not done wrong?? Shouldn't they have put plywood or something under the metal roofing?? The roof has obviously been leaking every since they did this. I have mold all up above my ceiling.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Many metal roofs do require decking. Some do not. They all have a minimum pitch below which they must not be used and I am curious if that could be a problem with yours.
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