what paint/coating to use on metal roof?

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My flat metal roof is about 10-15 years old and is in pretty good shape (no rust/holes). It had been painted with an unknown type of paint. I painted it about 2 years ago with barn paint. Now there is significant flaking off of paint with much metal exposed. One roofer suggested that an asphalt aluminum coating be installed instead of just re-painting it. Someone else suggests powerwashing as much loose paint off and then painting w/ Tinolin brand paint. Is asphalt coating appropriate for a metal roof? If I decide to just repaint it, what type of paint is best? Thanks for the advice.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
My suggestion, to get maximum durability and efficiency from the roof, is to power wash it to clean it as best you can. Then, obtain a quality elastomeric coating that is suitable for metal roofs and apply it, following the manufacturer's instructions. A simple search for "elastomeric coatings" on the web will yield lots of options. Most of these coatings are light colored for maximum reflectivity and energfy efficiency.
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