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Indavertantly my deck man sprayed the dormers on a new log home... the home has a red metal roof. The overspray in now on the roof and the customer wants a new roof. It is a premium finish roof that withstands a so called 100 rub test with a solution of muratic acid and water with no harm to the finish. The roof is approximately 1 year old. How can I remove the over spray without causing damage to the finish of the roof. Customer doesn't want anyone walking around on the roof either. thank you
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Darin, You need to contact the roofing manufacturer. First of all, they can tell you what the harshest chemical is you could use on their paint finish. They can also tell you how to properly walk on their roofing material. I cannot tell you either of those things without knowing exactly what metal roof profile and finish are on this house and, even if I did know, I would still defer to the manufacturer of the roofing and their opinion.
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