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I have a metal roof which was installed when the house was built three years ago. There is no underlayment at all. Is this normal? The roof leaks as do several windows. The windows did not leak until the contractor replaced the original metal roof because it was very noisy on windy days. The original noisy roof did not leak but the replacement one does at several windows and at a valley. At first I did not relate the window leaks with the new roof but now I believe there may be a link since there is no underlayment. By the way thanks for this web site. I have posted several times and it has been very helpful in solving my roofing problems.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Many metal roofs do require underlayment. My personal preference is that residential metal roofs always be installed on underlayment with a solid deck beneath that. There is a chance this problem is with flashing around the windows. If you like, send me photos of the roof. My direct email is [email protected]
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