Combination of metal and built-up roof

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I am currently designing a new standing seam metal roof over an existing flat roof. Because the house was built over time on one story over a large area there are some zones on the roof where I cannot acheive a greater than minimum 3:12 pitch (the manufacturer's recommended minimum) so I am contemplating "crickets" of some other roofing system which can handle 1/2" per foot pitch. What system would you recommend.....a slip sheet? Built - up roof? Is there something that would approximate the Colonial red metal roof I'm specifying? The weather is rather moderate (northern California).
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
The manufacturer of your metal roofing might have a system that would work on these low areas. Be sure to check with them. Aside from that, I would suggest some sort of single ply membrane. Check out Best Regards.
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