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I live in Florida by a salt water canal and I am interested in a metal roof. I have estimates on a 5v gavaloom.Standing seam is about $10,000 more. What is the best cost effective metal roof? My other question is what is the best underlayment for a metal roof,felt,synthetic or self-adhering or a combination of both?Thank You for your assistance in this matter.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Galvalume is a metalic coated steel, not a system. I assume that you may have a quote on a vertical rib through fastened panel produced from bare Galvalume and a standing seam metal roof from painted Galvalume or Galvanized. The bare galvalume does not offer as much protection as the painted however you need to make sure each product is approved by the building code. Ask to see their FL product approval report and choose from their on performance.
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Could you please answer the question on the best underlayment for a metal roof... felt, synthetic, or self-adhering or a conbination? Also, should stainless steel screws be used instead of nails?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Fasteners depend upon the system being installed. Screws of compatible metal are receommended for most vertical seam panels if that is what you're considering. Many of the shingle-style products can be nailed down. As far as underlayment ... not sure there is a definitive answer on this. First of all, you must adhere to local building codes which may require some self-adhering underlayment. I like the synthetics in place of 30-pound felt because they are easier to work with and they are more durable on the job. However, they must be installed properly -- be certain that installation instructions for them are followed closely.
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