There's too many choices! How do I pick?

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Hello to all. I am building a home. I have talked to various installers of metal roofs. They all claim to have the best, the most energy efficient, the strongest, the most durable. I live in west central Florida. I need help here. The steel folks say aluminum won't hold up and isn't as energy efficient. Some say their steel is "virgin" and coated with kaynar, etc, etc, and won't rust, won't fade etc. The ones who don't deal with the flat panel look say to stay away from those for various reasons. I have all the literature in front of me and honestly I am so perplexed over this portion of the home building process. This is a BIG investment and I don't want to make a costly mistake. I've done that before with the "never paint your house again" routine from a particular "lifetime" paint product and got burned. Can anyone help me with the maze of metal materials and promises to "look good and stand up to the elements" pitch I'm getting from every angle. Thank you very much!
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Great questions...I would like to hear what the experts said and what type of roof you finally decided. I'm planning now and have the same problem you had. Thanks, Jack in Tarpon Springs
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
There are a lot of choices. I think that each individual job has its own criteria, dependent upon the construction and style of the house, the homeowner's preferences in terms of aesthetics, and the homeowner's sense of value and benefits. I certainly think that one key factor is what the homeowner likes the looks of and what will look good on the house. Aside from that, the Metal Construction Association has passed criteria for "certified" metal roofing panels. These criteria set forth certain quality guidelines for the base metal and coatings. I would suggest making sure you choose a product which meets their criteria. The previous author had mentioned aluminum vs. steel. Certainly aluminum has a very proven reputation and offers particular benefit for coastal areas. If you email to me at [email protected], I have an article I can email to you which gives a detailed explanation of the choices in today's residential metal roofing products.
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