Salvage of 5v metal from demo house

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WE are considering removing a 5v metal roof from an existing house that is scheduled to be demo'd. IT's the type that has seams overlayed and screwed in. Will the original warranty transfer over to us with doing this? And do you think a salvage would truly save us money. We have a very tight budget and are doing our own addition which is 2nd story bridge over one of the original homes built in Boca back in the 50's when there was still swamp here, ha! ha! The design is going to be Key West-ish and we love the look of the metal. Your reply would be appreciated. Chris
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
As an association we limited in comments on warranty. One would need to identify the manufacturer of the product and contact them which may be diificult especially if the roof is older. If it has provided a good service life then it will continue to do so. Sote the panels cvered and vented so they do get wet or condensate if you need to store them. Also take care that you do not bend them and if possible number the back so you can reuse in the same pattern. Best check with the local building offical first though as the product may not meet code approvals for the ned addition without a product approval.
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