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Our community association is rewriting deed restrictions and want to add metal roofing as an option. What would you advise regarding standards, type, etc. We are currently a tile and asphalt shingle neighborhood of large lots and $3-400,000 homes in Florida. Thanks, Tom
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Thanks for your interest. If you email me directly, I can get you a copy of an industry presentation which has been put together specifically for HOAs and review boards. The Metal Construction Association (MCA -- is in the process of starting a Certified Metal Roofing Panel program. This program certifies metal roofing panels which meet specific criteria in terms of base metal and coatings. We feel that these levels of quality are important for residential application. I would suggest writing into your specifications that any metal roofing used in your neighborhood meet or exceed the MCA standards for Certified Panels. Furthermore, other associations have written in that they wnat their metal roofs to have a certain look -- such as a vertical seam look, a shake look, a tile look, etc. By using this website, you can explore the various available "looks" of metal roofing and determine whether you want to restrict your neighborhood to a certain "look" in regards to metal roofing. Todd Miller [email protected]
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