Why You Should Join the Metal Roofing Alliance

Hear Renee Ramey of the Metal Roofing Alliance discuss why becoming a member is crucial to contractors.

Joining the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) can be an amazing resource for metal contractors to get their name out there in the industry, learn what’s new in metal and support. RoofersCoffeeShop’s own Karen Edwards was able to sit down with Renee Ramey of the MRA to discuss some of the benefits of joining the association.

There's a number of reasons [to join].”. “As a member of MRA, you are getting prime real estate on our website. Your company is searchable by homeowners who come to the MRA site to learn more about metal roofing. And we have the functionality built within our website,” says Renee. “When a homeowner gets ready to find a local professional, we connect them with the contractors in their area. So, we're kind of that connection point between a homeowner and a contractor or distributor.”

If you’re still apprehensive about joining because of the membership cost or you’re not sure it’s the right fit, the MRA has a couple offers that might change your mind – including a free membership.

“Some things that many installers or contractors don't know is we have a co-op advertising program, which basically means that your membership with MRA could be free. And for many of our MRA contractor members it is free currently because they do projects that promote MRA. They give you money to do that,” Renee explained. “And right now, we're offering a free six-month membership to contractors. So again, there's no reason not to come on over and join us. And you know what? The trial is nice because it gives you a chance to check out what we're about.”

There are countless opportunities when you join the MRA and they truly have your best interest in mind. Renee put it best, “It doesn't make any sense not to be a member.”

Listen to the full interview for more information about the Metal Roofing Alliance.

Learn more about Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) in their Coffee Shop Directory or visit www.metalroofing.com.

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